Hayagriva Or Hayagreeva Maddi Or Chana Dal Halwa

Hayagriva or Hayagreeva maddi or chana dal/Bengal gram halwa.
A very easy to make and delicious traditional sweet dish from Karnataka cuisine. No sugar added, its made of jaggery . Its usually made to offer to God as naivedya and served as prasad.

This delicious sweet dish from Karnataka cuisine is made of chana dal or Bengal gram, jaggery, ghee or clarified butter and dry fruits.




Karnataka is a tapestry of colours, cultures, flavours, landscapes, timelessness and heart stopping beauty. It’s a place where vibrant worlds seamlessly meld into one another every few hundred kilometers. Sedate plains suddenly rise to dizzying mist covered hilly heights, and then plunge with careless abandon in a white-watered freefall to become languid rivers that flow past cities where time has stopped altogether. And cities where time rushes a relentless rush to keep up with the world; cities that sometimes escape into the deep quietude of thick forests and sometimes, stretches their arms wide open to embrace the sea. Host to some of India’s largest and most powerful dynasties, the state has across the centuries, carried a legacy of art and culture.

Karnataka is a gracious host and offers a spread that appeals to every palate. Traditional Kannadiga cuisine is typically South Indian with a little bit of sweetness for added measure. But that doesn’t begin to sum it all. The feast of the land includes Udupi, Mangalorean, Kodava and yes, Kannadiga, which again is a journey in itself – it varies with the geographical features. Even cereals vary and consumed in every imaginable and unimaginable form. To the uninitiated, some of the preparations might come across as bewildering, but no less delicious. Add to this, a highly evolved sweet tooth, and you get the deliriously wonderful concoctions, which are like nothing else in the world. With Karnataka, the pudding is the proof itself, and you see where the state gets its signature gusto from.

This month in Shhhhh cooking secretly challenge
facebook group we are sharing different dishes from Karnataka cuisine. In this group members are paired up every month. And the pairs give each other two secret ingredients. This month my partner is Anu Kollon Who blog at http://entethattukada.blogspot.com
Anu gave me two interesting ingredients chana dal or Bengal gram and jaggery. And I gave her rice and coconut. Check out her Vegetable palav recipe she shared with these ingredients.

We loved its taste and now its a regular sweet dish for us. Usually it shouldn’t be dried up. But sometimes I have made laddu with leftover chana dal halwa and its also taste great. If you have some leftover you can try this. Make laddu and keep in refrigerator for later use.


Chana dal – 1 cup

Jaggery powder – 3/4 cup

Ghee – 2 – 4 tablespoon

Cardamom powder – 1 teaspoon

Desiccated coconut – 1/4 cup

Almond – 2 tablespoon, sliced

Cashew nuts – 2 tablespoon

Raisin – 2 tablespoon

Water – 2 cup + 4 tablespoon


1. Wash and cook the chana dal or Bengal gram for 4 – 5 whistle or till dal becomes soft. Check by pressing between your two fingers.

2. Let the dal cool down. Drain the water and mash roughly with a spoon or masher.

3. Heat 2 tablespoon ghee or clarified butter in a heavy bottom or nonstick pan. Fry cashew nuts till light brown and transfer them on a plate.

4. Then fry the the raisins. When raisins puffed up immediately remove from ghee and place on a plate.

5. Now fry the sliced almond, keep stirring and fry until light brown. Place the almonds with cashew and raisins.

6. In the same pan add jaggery powder and 4 tablespoon water.
Stir occasionally to melt the jaggery.

7. Add mashed dal and desiccated coconut.
Mix well.

8. Cook on low flame till the mixture becomes thick and creamy. Don’t let it dried up completely.

9. Add cardamom powder and fried dry fruits and 2 tablespoon ghee.

10. Mix well and remove from heat. Adding ghee is optional but it will enhance the taste and flavour.

11. Garnish with fried dry fruits and serve hot or cold.


1. You can use more ghee if you like. Ghee enhance the taste and flavour.

2. You can add very little clove and nutmeg powder in it for flavour.

3. Dal must be cooked properly.

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I would love to see your creations.

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Parippu Vada Or Lentil fritters

Parippu vada or dal vada/lentil fritters.
Crispy, crunchy, spicy, flavourful and delicious snack from Kerala cuisine.
Very easy yet super yummy fried snack. Serve it as a snack with evening tea or enjoy as a side dish with dal chawal or lentil curry and steamed rice.
You can make delicious curry with this vada if you want.

This week our 157 #Foodiemonday bloghop theme is #OnamRecipes.
I was about to skip this week’s bloghop due to renovation of my house. I don’t like to miss these weekly bloghop. So sharing one of my favourite snack from Kerala cuisine. Easy and quick to make and delicious. You need only chana dal or split chickpeas/Bengal gram and some aromatic spices. A best accompany with dal chawal or lentil curry and steamed rice. You can use chilli according to your taste. If you want your vada more spicy, you can add 3 – 4 dry red chilli or green chilli or both. I have used both. I like my vada mildly spicy so used 1 green chilli and 1 red chilli.


Chana dal or Bengal gram/split chickpea – 1 cup

Ginger – 1 inch piece, grated

Green chilli – 1-2 finely chopped

Dry red chilli – 1 chopped

Curry leaves – 1 spring

Cilantro or coriander leaves – handful

Asafoetida or hing – a pinch

Cumin powder – 1/2 teaspoon, optional

Salt to taste

Oil for deep frying


1. Soak the Bengal gram or chana dal for 2 – 3 hours.

2. Chop cilantro or coriander leaves and curry leaves.

3. Grind soaked dal into a coarse paste. Don’t add water and don’t make it smooth.

4. Take out the ground dal in a bowl.
Add chopped curry leaves, cilantro or coriander leaves, salt, grated ginger, chopped green and red chillies, Asafoetida or hing and cumin powder.

5. Mix well. Make small balls and flatten them with your palm. Make small thin patties for crispy vada.

6. Heat sufficient oil in a pan. Oil should be enough hot.

7. Slide the patties into the hot oil.

8. Fry on low medium heat until the vada becomes dark golden brown.

9. Flip and fry the other side.
Remove from oil.

10. Serve hot with any chutney or sauce. Or serve as a side dish with dal chawal or lentil curry and steamed rice. You can sprinkle little black salt or chaat masala before serving.
Happy Onam.
Wishing everyone a blessed Onam in advance!


1. You can add finely chopped onion and minced garlic in the batter if you like.

2. Oil should be sufficient hot.

3. You can add little green peas in the batter.

4. If you like you can make curry with these vada. Make a gravy with onion garlic tomato or only ginger tomato whole spices gravy and dip the vadas in it.

If you tried my recipe, you can share your food pictures with me in the social network sites by using hash tag, #batterupwithsujata
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Kashmiri Dum Aloo

Kashmiri dum aloo.
A very flavourful and lip-smacking no onion garlic potato curry from Kashmiri cuisine.
After Himachal Pradesh cuisine this month’s theme of the wonderful group Shhhhh cooking secretly challenge is Kashmiri cuisine. So this month all the members of this group are sharing different dishes from beautiful state Kashmir.
This month my partner is very talented blogger Mayuri Patel who blog at

Mayuri gave me cinnamon and cashew as secret ingredients. I made this delicious Kashmiri dum aloo. And I gave her cinnamon and cardamom. Do check her blog for delicious Kashmiri beverage she made of these two ingredients.

This aromatic dum aloo is one of my favourite potato dish. I made it often now sharing the recipe here. Thanks to the group Shhhh Cooking Secretly challenge.

You can get some more potato recipes here

Luchi dum aloo

Radhaballavi with spicy potato

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Batata bhaji

Peanut potatoes

Potato pie

Potatoes with nigella poppy seeds and tomato

Savoury potato cake

Stuffed potatoes

Masala aloo or spicy potato

No onion garlic spicy potatoes

In this recipe deep fried potatoes are cooked in aromatic gravy. You can make it dry or with thick gravy. Best accompany for steamed rice or any bread. You can serve it as a party side dish.


Small potato – 12 – 14

Hung curd – 1/2 cup

Kashmiri red chilli powder – 2 tablespoon

Cumin powder – 1 teaspoon

Coriander powder – 1/2 teaspoon

Ginger powder – 1/2 teaspoon

Turmeric powder – 1/4 teaspoon

Cardamom powder – 1 teaspoon

Fennel seed powder – 1 teaspoon

Sugar – 1/2 teaspoon, optional

Tomato – 1 medium

Cashew nuts – 2 tablespoon

Almond – 2 tablespoon

Bay leaf – 1

Green cardamom – 3 – 4

Cinnamon – 1 inch piece

Fennel seed – 1/2 teaspoon

Cloves – 3 – 4

Asafetida or hing – a pinch

Mustard oil – 1/4 cup

Salt – 1 teaspoon or to taste

Hot water – 1 cup +1/4 cup

Chopped cilantro – 1 tablespoon

Garam masala powder – 1/2 teaspoon

Cashews and cilantro to garnish


1. Peel and wash the potatoes. Pat dry and prick with a fork.

2. Crush the cardamom, cloves and cinnamon in a mortar pestle.

3. Soak almond and cashew nuts in 1/4 cup hot water or microwave on high power for 1 minute.

4. Let it cool down. Peel the almonds.
Grind peeled almond and cashew nuts with tomato. Make a smooth paste.

5. Whisk hung curd with salt, cumin powder, coriander powder, kashmiri red chilli powder, ginger powder, fennel seed powder and sugar.

6. For hung curd strain 1 cup curd with a muslin cloth. Tie and hang it for 1 hour. Place a bowl under it to collect the water. Don’t discard the water. You can use it to knead bread dough or make chhach or salted lassi with it.

7. Heat oil in a pan. Fry the potatoes till light brown. Remove from oil and place on a paper towel.

8. In the same oil add bay leaf, fennel seeds, crushed cardamom, cloves, cinnamon and tomato, cashew and almond paste.

9. Saute till oil leaves the sides.
Remove the pan from heat and add whisked spices mixed hung curd and potatoes. Mix well.

10. Again cook till it dried up completely and potatoes coated with spices. Stir continuously to avoid curdling the curd.

11. Add 1 cup hot water and chopped cilantro. Mix well and let it boil.
Cover and cook for 15 – 20 minutes or until the potatoes become tender.

12. Check after 15 minutes, if the curry dried up add 1/4 cup water more.

13. Sprinkle garam masala powder, mix and remove from heat. You can add 1 spoon ghee or clarified butter if you like.

14. Serve hot with steamed rice, roti, paratha, naan, puri or luchi.


1. If you don’t have ginger powder then you can add 1 teaspoon grated ginger with tomato while grinding.

2. For fennel powder you can dry roast the fennel seeds and grind in a coffee grinder or mortar pestle. Or grind with tomato, cashew and almond.

3. I made it dry but you can make thick gravy. But don’t make it runny. Too much water will ruin the taste.

If you tried my recipe, you can share your food pictures with me in the social network sites by using hash tag, #batterupwithsujata
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Sugar Free Mawa Nariyal Peda Or Milk Solid Date And Coconut Peda / Diabetic Friendly Sweet

Sugar free mawa/khoya nariyal khajur peda or milk solid/dried milk date and coconut peda.
No sugar added sweetened with dates and coconut and flavoured with cardamom and rose. Sounds healthy and yummy isn’t it 😊
I have made 13 small sized peda and used 1/2 cup of chopped dates to sweetened it.

Dates are one of the most commonly eaten foods in the Middle East. Their amazing nutritional qualities and health benefits are well known to people across the globe. The date palm is called “The Tree of Life” because of the long shelf life and rich nutritional profile of its fruits.
Apart from containing a high amount of fructose, they also contain an opulence of fiber and nutrients like vitamins A, K, and B-complex, iron, calcium, sodium, potassium, magnesium, and zinc. The presence of these nutrients in dates helps prevent constipation, heart diseases, intestinal problems, anemia, and diarrhea, among other conditions.
A study done in 2011, published in the Nutrition Journal, was carried out to find the glycemic indices of five varieties of dates. It showed that when diabetics consumed dates, their postprandial glucose levels did not skyrocket. It also showed that dates could offer potential benefits for diabetic patients when consumed in moderation along with a healthy balanced diet.


You can get one more sugar free recipe on the blog. Click on the name to get the recipe.

Sugar free pineapple sandesh

One small piece is sufficient to satisfy your sweet tooth. I have used homemade khoya or milk solid in it. You can use store bought. But homemade is always better.

Get the recipe of milk solid or mawa/khoya here.

You need only milk solid or khoya, date and coconut with cardamom and rose water or essence to make these delicious sweets.


Khoya – 1 heaped cup

Dates – 1 /2 cup, chopped

Chopped or grated coconut – 1 heaped cup

Cardamom powder – 1/2 teaspoon

Rose water or essence – 1/4 teaspoon


1. Soak dates in hot water. Use water just to soak the dates, not use too much water.

2. Grind the dates. Use the water we used to soak date for easy grinding.
Make a paste and add coconut in the grinder.

3. Grind again and make a smooth paste.
Add khoya or milk solid in it. Blend to make a smooth mixture.

4. Heat a nonstick or heavy bottom pan. Add the ground mixture.
Cook on low flame. Stir continuously.

5. When the mixture dried up and become a dough like consistency remove from heat.

6. Add cardamom powder and rose water or essence.
Mix well.

7. Grease a mould with ghee/clarified butter or oil. And shape all the peda. If you don’t have mould shape them with your palm. Make small round ball and flatten with your palm. You can place an almond in the middle.

Enjoy the delicious lightly sweetened peda without any guilt.
Stay tuned for some more sugar free recipes.

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Baked Rasgulla

Baked rasgulla.
Rabdi soaked rasgulla covered with makha sandesh or date palm jaggery or khajur gur sandesh, condensed milk and malai or milk topping. These ingredients made this dessert heavenly.

Tasted this delicious baked rasgulla in kolkata. Attended a wedding reception event in my family. Lovely memorable days with family members. Missing those moments.
This baked rasgulla was one of the party dessert. Everyone loved it. Something different from regular baked rasgulla. Makha sandesh or gur sandesh was the key ingredient.
My brother in law Taposh Roy requested the caterer of that event for the recipe. And he happily share his recipe with us. Thanks to him and Taposh.

Earlier I made baked rasgulla with an easy method. Just layered a mixture of condensed milk, khoya or dried milk and little milk over the squeezed rasgulla and baked.

But this recipe is little different.
Tried the recipe after returning home. And enjoyed the heavenly taste again. Sharing is caring so sharing this awesome recipe with you all. Make it and enjoy the heavenly taste 😊


Rasgulla – 8

Full cream milk – 4 cup

Sugar – 3 tablespoon

Homemade paneer or cottage cheese – 1/2 heaped cup

Khajur gur or date palm jaggery – 2 tablespoon or to taste, grated

Cardamom powder – 1 teaspoon

Condensed milk – 1/4 cup

Chopped pistachio to garnish


Boil 4 cup full cream milk in a heavy bottom pan. Let the milk thickened on low flame. Add 3 tablespoon sugar and mix.

Don’t stir the milk frequently. We want the milk topping so just bring the milk topping or malai towards the sides with a spoon gently.

Don’t make the rabdi or thickened milk grainy or dry.
When the milk change it’s colour and thickened remove from heat. Add 1/2 teaspoon cardamom powder.
Keep this thickened milk in refrigerator or under fan for 30 minutes.

After 30 minutes remove the milk topping or malai from it and keep aside.
My thickened milk or rabdi remains 1&1/4 cup after removing the milk topping. If your milk is too thick you can add little milk in it.

Squeeze rasgulla with your palm to remove the sugar syrup. Don’t worry it will swell again.

Heat the thickened milk or Rabdi.

Dip all the squeezed rasgulla in thickened milk or Rabdi. When it starts to boil switch off the flame. Soak them in thickened milk for 30 minutes. It will helps the rasgulla to soak thickened milk properly.

Now take the paneer or cottage cheese on a plate. Mash well with your palm.
I have made the paneer or cottage cheese out of 1/2 litter milk.
When the paneer becomes smooth add grated khajur gur or date palm jaggery. Mash again to make it smooth and little greasy.

Heat a nonstick or heavy bottom pan. Cook the paneer on low flame for 5 – 6 minutes. Stir continuously. Switch off the heat.
Let the mixture cool down.
Add 1/2 teaspoon cardamom powder and mash it again until it becomes smooth. Mix condensed milk with it and keep aside.

In a baking tray arrange all the thickened milk soaked rasgulla. Layer the paneer or cottage cheese mixture over it evenly.
Now layer the milk topping or malai we have collected from thickened milk.

Garnish with chopped pistachio.

Place on the higher rack of your oven.
Grill for 6 – 8 minutes or until the top becomes brown.
Enjoy the delicious baked rasgulla warm or chilled.


1. You add use few drops of rose water with cardamom powder in thickened milk.

2. You can decrease the amount of jaggery and sugar if you like less sweetness.

3. You can use shredded almond for garnishing.

I would love to hear from you. Please share your thoughts and suggestions in comment.

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Radhaballavi With Dum Aloo Or Spicy Potato



Posting after a long time. Not a new post. Reblogging one of the old posts. Its my brother’s recipe. My only brother, younger brother. My brave brother lost his battle. Left us early morning on 29th December. Since 2 years he was fighting with cancer. Once survived completely but again within a year. It was so painful to see such pain. Don’t know how to overcome this loss. Really unbearable. He always tried to make everyone happy. A great cook and a real foodie. Always love to cook for all of us. He was unable to eat spicy food these days but want to cook. Whenever we asked him to take rest and please don’t come in the kitchen, he said let me cook its make me happy and I feel better.
Now he is beyond all the pain. Gone from our life to never come back. Emptiness we are feeling never be filled. He can spread the happiness and had a power to win everyone’s hearts. Always ready to help others. We never get any more recipe from him. His smile his words we lost everything.

Batter Up With Sujata


Radhaballavi or lentil stuffed deep fried Indian flat bread.
A delicious breakfast dish of Bengal.

You can buy it from any sweet shop of Bengal.
A perfect breakfast for Sunday morning.

Radhaballavi is little different from kachori. Radhaballavi is soft and bigger than puri or kachori. Little sweetness in it’s stuffing make it too yummy.
Its taste delicious when cool too.
So its perfect for your picnic.

Monday again and our #Foodiemonday #bloghop theme is #Picnic recipes.
My contribution is yummy radhaballavi.


Radhaballavi goes well with chana/cholar dal or Bengal gram with hing/asafetida and cumin/jeera tempering and dum aloo/aloor dom or spicy potatoes. And yes some sweet too. I am sharing the recipe of dum aloo or spicy potato with radhaballavi.

I got the recipe from my brother Sanjay Gupta. A foodie and a great cook. Every Sunday he loves to cook something for us.
But he don’t like to…

View original post 560 more words

Gluten Free Multigrain Cheese Stuffed Savoury Pancake 

Gluten free multigrain pancake with cheese.

A very nutritious, gluten free and yummy breakfast. Great for kids tiffin to. These pancakes are made of oats, ragi or finger millet, joear or sorghum millet, soya and bajra or pearl millet.

Multigrain foods will be high in complex carbohydrates and protein. Complex carbs are great for energy production, and this can help with exercise and losing weight. They break down slower so they can provide energy over a longer period of time. The levels of protein will aid the body in tissue repair and production of antibodies that will help fight sickness or infection.
In addition, they will contain nutrients, fiber and essential minerals like magnesium, copper and iron. Multigrains that contain whole grains will be filled with essential fatty acids, B-vitamins, starch and fiber. Magnesium will help build strong bones and teeth. It will also help with metabolism. Fiber is great in helping the body stay regular and maintaining a healthy colon.



Sending this post to 117th #Foodiemonday bloghop #Pancake theme.



If you are making it for kids decrease the amount of chilli. Or you can make it more spicy by adding little more spices and chilli. You can use spices or herbs according to your taste.

Oats – 1/2 cup

Ragi flour –  1/4 cup

Joar flour – 1/4 cup

Soya flour – 1/4 cup

Bajra flour  – 1/4 cup

Egg – 2

Onion – 1 large, finely chopped

Green chilli – 1 – 2, chopped

Cilantro or coriander leaves – handful, chopped

Grated ginger – 1/2 teaspoon

Mint – leaves of 2-3 strings, roughly torn

Salt – 1 & 1/2 teaspoon or to taste

Black pepper powder – 1/2 teaspoon

Garlic powder – 1/2 teaspoon

Baking powder – 1 teaspoon

Cumin powder – 1 teaspoon

Tomato – 1

Milk – 1 cup

Cheese slice as require

Oil or butter for shallow frying


Grind the oats.
Chop the tomato into small pieces, remove the seeds. You can use the seeds in Curries.
Beat the eggs. Add milk and whisk well.
In a bowl mix ground oats, ragi or finger millet flour, jowar or sorghum flour, soya flour, bajra or pearl millet flour, salt, cumin powder, garlic powder, black pepper powder and baking powder. You can add more garlic powder if you like.

Add egg and milk mixture  in it. Mix well and make a smooth batter.

Add chopped tomato, chopped onion, green chilli, grated ginger, chopped cilantro and torn mint leaves. Mix well. Cover and keep aside for 15 minutes.

Brush oil or butter in a pan or griddle.

Pour a ladle full of batter. Spread little with a spoon. You can make big size pancakes by adding more batter.

I have made small sized pancakes.

When the bubble appears on the surface turn the pancake upside down. Make it brown from both sides.

Make all the pancakes.

Cut the cheese slices with a round cookie cutter or a bowl.

Place the cheese on a pancake and cover it with another pancake. Arrange all the pancakes like this.

Serve hot with any sauce in breakfast.

Notes –

1. Use spices according to your taste. You can use Italian herbs instead of cumin etc.
2. Adjust the chilli and pepper according to your taste.
I would love to hear from you. Please share your thoughts and suggestions in comment.

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